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The Legend - Copper and Leather Bracelet

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Classic Black

Shape it to your will

Handcrafted Artisan Leather with Adjustable Flex Core Copper Bracelets

Mankind has long worn leather as proof of our mastery over the elements.  Even centuries later, it is still seen as a style staple across the globe.  It still carries that same symbol of power and mastery, and honestly when you picture a "cool guy" he's probably wearing leather.

On The Pulse

100% Pure Copper and White Copper gently and passively interacts with your pulse points to help those seeking the Healing Benefits of Copper.  Connect with one of the most Primal metals in human history, rest harder letting the metal that's been linked to easing Cardiovascular health, Arthritis pain, Immune function and so much more absorb easily through the skin.

Thick Skin

100% Genuine Handmade Leather.  Exquisite Old Spanish style tanning and hand dipped in the finest dyes.  Cleaned, Conditioned, and Polished to help everything from the day run right off like rain.  Hand Grafted to our Core, it protects the love and Heart of Gold inside every bracelet.  Soft and Comfortable enough to forget you're even wearing it when your head hits the pillow.

Sturdy Spine

What truly makes this bracelet unique and stand at the front of the pack is its Core.  Deep under the pure copper and rich leather it hides a powerful secret, allowing it to adapt to any situation.  The Backbone of these bracelets is their Flex Core, a thick metal that our metallurgists worked tirelessly until we got the perfect mix.  The Core reinforces and fortifies the Leather Bracelet to allow you to bend and shape it to your will, granting the perfect fit every time.

Its superior strength compliments and contrasts with the soft, supple leather of its exterior to create a style dynamic that conveys confidence and control.  This Flex Core means it's as simple as shaping it to your wrist to ensure the perfect fit.  No more fiddling with clasps or struggling to tie a bracelet with one hand.  Just shape and squeeze, and it will stay all day for a completely clasp-less comfort.

Fast Shipping

All of our bracelets ship from right here in United States, from our artisan studio in Oro Valley, Arizona.  Each package is shipped USPS First Class Mail, tracked and insured to arrive at your house quickly and safely.

Self Expression

Each Handwoven design is what makes us unique, while still entwined together with the world and those we love.  You will always be your own, but your individual style and energy is what connects you to everything.

          This bracelet weighs: 25 grams    

          It measures: 7" Long x 1/4" Wide

    *Please note the weights and measurements may vary slightly from item to item as each is handmade.  All measurements are approximate based on design.

    The Legend - Copper and Leather Bracelet



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