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SU.SOT.2014 - Silver and Copper Male Bust Statue

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Introducing a captivating statue of a male torso, this exquisite piece stands as a powerful symbol of strength, balance, and the human form's artistic beauty. Measuring 12 inches in height, 7 inches in width, and 5 inches in depth, this statue is a striking blend of metals and metaphysical elements, combining silver, copper, and obsidian into a harmonious and meaningful work of art.

The body of the male torso is artfully divided into halves of silver and copper, creating a stunning visual contrast. The silver half represents purity, clarity, and the reflective nature of introspection, while the copper half embodies warmth, vitality, and grounding energy. This duality symbolizes the balance of opposing forces, the integration of masculine qualities, and the unity of mind and body.

Crafted using the lost wax carving technique, the statue begins with a meticulously detailed wax model. From this model, a resin mold is made, allowing for the precise electroplating process. The torso is bathed in separate solutions of silver and copper, resulting in a flawless finish that highlights the intricate musculature and contours of the male form.

The statue is mounted on a pure obsidian base, adding both stability and metaphysical significance. Obsidian, known for its protective and grounding properties, is a volcanic glass that has been used for centuries for its powerful energy. Metaphysically, obsidian is believed to shield against negativity, dissolve emotional blockages, and promote clarity of mind. It serves as a conduit for personal growth and transformation, helping individuals to confront and release past traumas and to embrace their true selves.

The symbolic meaning of the male torso in art often represents strength, virility, and the idealized human form. It embodies physical prowess, resilience, and the beauty of the human body in its most elemental and pure state. This statue, with its dual metal composition, further symbolizes the balance between different aspects of masculinity—strength and sensitivity, action and contemplation, external power and internal wisdom.

Incorporating the protective and transformative properties of obsidian, this statue stands not only as a celebration of the human form but also as a powerful talisman for personal growth and self-discovery. The combination of silver, copper, and obsidian creates a piece that is visually stunning and rich with symbolic meaning.

This male torso statue serves as a reminder of the balance and harmony that can be achieved through the integration of diverse qualities. It invites contemplation on the nature of strength and vulnerability, encouraging a deeper understanding of oneself. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or cherished as a personal symbol, this statue is a powerful and inspiring work of art, evoking the timeless beauty and complexity of the human spirit.

SU.SOT.2014 - Silver and Copper Male Bust Statue



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