CL.MAR.7003 - Leather Necklace

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Unique Leather Necklace

      This bracelet weighs: 35.7 grams    

      It measures: 6" Long x 5 1/2" Wide

Our collar has a heart of gold, and that golden glint is our Flex Core.  This special brass blend allows you to bend this necklace to your will, ensuring a comfortable fit.  The classic look of leather is a timeless fashion trend, that features comfort as well as style.  We then artistically weave our special blend of Copper & White Copper wire, for a truly unique look.  Appealing to men for the classic leather and power of the Flex Core, and to women for the gentle and intricate weaving, these leather bracelets call to us on a more intimate level than almost any other jewelry.

*Please note the weights and measurements may vary slightly from item to item as each is handmade.  All measurements are approximate based on design.

Sku: CL.MAR.7003

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